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Portable Elbow Knee Protected Pad

Portable Elbow Knee Protected Pad

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Looking for a gift to newborns?
  • Yoga practice: Various kneeling movements during yoga practice can easily cause joint injuries if they are not protected.
  • Plank: The elbow joint is more likely to cause injury when the plank is supported
  • Abdominal wheel: Knee joints need more protection during the exercise of the abdominal wheel

Shock absorption and anti-skid protection pad
Safety protection, sports assistance, practice at any time, intimate design, professional protection, and joint care
FDA food-grade silicone
This product is made of environmentally friendly FDA silica gel, the material is safe, and can be used with confidence
Ergonomic design
The front center concave circular design fits the human hand/elbow knee and other easily injured parts. With the back convex point non-slip design, it is safer to use.
Soft and resilient, durable
The material is stable, soft to the touch, cushioning and shock absorption, durable, and can be directly washed or wiped with a damp cloth after use.
One pad multi-purpose
It can be used for yoga, planks, abdominal exercises, Pilates, abdominal exercises, etc. It is small in size, easy to carry, and burns fat anytime, anywhere.

Package Included

  • 1* Pink or Blue Pad, or
  • 1* 2 pads of any color
  • Size: 18*150mm/pad

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