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Portable Baby Prevent Flat Head Lounger

Portable Baby Prevent Flat Head Lounger

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Prevent Flat Head Syndrome
Excellent comfort and support for the child's head and neck. Fitted head support distributes the pressure on the skull evenly, ideal for keeping the baby's head nice and round and prevent from plagiocephaly.
Adopting the American Bionic Concept
To mimic the mother's warm womb, the baby co-sleeping gives the baby a full sense of security, offers a safe and soothing environment for your baby and toddler, a better co-sleeping option for your family.
Breathability and Comfortable
The baby nest portable snuggle bed mattress made out of ultra-soft and breathable quilted 3D mesh fabric allows constant airflow for the perfect head, back, and neck ventilation.
Beneficial Design Soothes Baby
Specially designed seat wrap prevents sliding and helps hold wigglers in place. An adjustable leg support roll made of micro-granules raises the baby's legs to help with digestion, breathing, and colic.
Incredibly Portable
Lightweight, practical, portable for easy travel, take our portable infant lounger pillow with you, wherever you go - hotels, playdates, parks, and more!

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