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LED Shower Head With Bio-Active Stones

LED Shower Head With Bio-Active Stones

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  • FILTRATION SYSTEM: This filter showerhead uses bio-active stones to provide eco-pure water filtration to remove harmful substances. It can purify shower water and adjust the PH value of water, making water quality weak and alkaline. Helps restore healthier and smoother skin and softer and stronger hair.
  • WATER TEMPERATURE SENSOR: The shower head is powered by water and does not need batteries.The color of LED lights changes with water temperature (87.8℉ green;89.6-109.4℉ blue;111.2-122℉ red).
  • HIGH-PRESSURE DESIGN: The revolutionary micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, and thereby increasing the water pressure. At the same time-saving water by up to 30%.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY ABS MATERIAL: With a transparent, see-through design and high-density filter which is removable and easy to clean. Suitable for men, women, and pets.
  • UNIVERSAL FITTING: Easy installation, simply screw onto any standard shower hose ( Hose not Included). Can connect to any standard shower hose easily.
  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: The 3 modes 3 colors version showerhead comes With 3 modes: Rainfall/ Massage/Jetting spray way, each mode brings you and your family the best shower experience; The water is fine dense, and uniform making the skin feel gentle and comfortable.
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