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4 Pieces Set Soft Fence Pads Anti-Collision For Baby & Kids

4 Pieces Set Soft Fence Pads Anti-Collision For Baby & Kids

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Looking for a gift to newborns?


    • Tensile test of each strap greater than 70N
    • 3cm standard thickness, effective anti-collision, and super protection for babies
    • The novel hand-painted pattern can not only protect the baby but also exercise the baby's chasing skills.

    Baby Friendly Soft Outside Duvet and Sponge inner, strong anti-fouling ability, outer available to take out to clean.

    A set of 4 pieces, with a total length of 47 inches / 120cm; a standard crib needs 2 sets of crash pads to place around the inside of a baby bed.

    There are patterns on the front and back, the shape of a small house, the color and the feeling of hand-painting, full of childishness.

    Each piece of the bed has a buckle link, and the side of the bed has a rope that can be tied to the railing. If the bed does not have railings, it can also be used on the wall with Velcro when placed.

    Size & Package Included

    2 × Width 12 inches / 30cm, Height 18 inches / 45cm
    1 × Width 10 inches / 25cm, Height 20 inches / 50cm
    1 × Width 14 inches / 35cm, Height 18 inches / 45cm
    Thickness: 3cm

    The Sizes are approximate, and margins of difference are around 5% as an allowance.

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