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Quiet Minky Dot Rabbit

Quiet Minky Dot Rabbit

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Looking for a gift to newborns?


  • Surface layer: 3D Minky Dots
  • Filling: Silk Floss


  • Width 34cm
  • height 51.5cm not counting bunny ears
  • Height 72cm including bunny ears

Net Weight

  • 453g

* The size measurement excludes tiny feet and raindrops.

Model Information

  • Height 78cm
  • Weight 10kg
  • Age 1 year old

When it comes to safe and comfortable sleep for your newborn, it is crucial to position them on their side. This not only helps prevent milk choking but also reduces the risk of reflux and potential choking incidents.
The 3D massage air minky dot provides a soothing and skin-friendly experience, promoting restful sleep. The inner filling is high-quality, high-elastic PP cotton, able to withstand pressure without deformation. For easy cleaning, there is a bottom zipper for disassembly.

This vital companion is perfect for accompanying babies as they grow and develop. Suitable for individuals aged 0-400 months, it will quickly become an essential part of their routine.
It serves as a companion doll, lying practice tool, and anti-choking cushion, providing comfort and safety for your little one. It also makes for a great newborn gift and adds a playful touch to any child's room.

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