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Diamond Quilting with 100% Cotton Baby Blanket & Pillow Ultra Breathable

Diamond Quilting with 100% Cotton Baby Blanket & Pillow Ultra Breathable

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Looking for a gift to newborns?

Using diamond quilting technology, this pillow & blanket are designed to be firm and not easily deformable. It can be gently machine washed without any lint running.

The pure 100% cotton gauze is carefully selected to ensure that it is soft, breathable, and gentle on a baby's tender skin. It can quickly gather warmth, providing a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby.

These are designed with different styles on side A and side B to meet the preferences of different babies. Both sides of the fabric are made of 100% pure cotton.

The AB-faced pure cotton material protects the baby's skin while the inside is filled with silk floss and The three-layer temperature locking technology ensures that warmth is wrapped from the inside out, effectively doubling the warmth of the product.

Baby Deep Sleep Pure Cotton Baby Pillow
The pure cotton gauze baby pillow is specially customized for infants and young children. It has a quilted seam design to prevent cotton from running away. The high-density fabric makes the pillow delicate and smooth. The thickness is 1-2cm. It is suitable for babies over 3 months old.

Every effort is made just for a better experience for your baby.

Material Description of Pillows and Quilts

  • Surface fabric: 100% cotton gauze
  • Filling material: silk floss
  • Quilt weight: about 501g
  • Pillow weight: 69g
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