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Learning Alphabet Games Educational Toys

Learning Alphabet Games Educational Toys

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Looking for a gift to newborns?

This educational game is dedicated to designing toys that fuel imagination, encourage kids to learn and grow through playtime, and build up the natural curiosity that leads to lifetime learning!

The matching letter game is the best educational toy for preschoolers. It can not only improve their spelling, sorting, grouping, and word recognition skills, but also help kids develop memory, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception.

Product Description

  • Accurate Matching Letter Game: Including 1 plastic tray, 52 letter bricks, 60 double-sided flashcards, and 120 words in total. Meet the demands of preschool word learning.
  • EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION & FUN: -- Help your kid to know the object and letter recognition, word recognition, and matching, Not only that, but it also helps kids practice thinking and hands-on skills, such as sorting and grouping, taking turns, and sharing.
  • Interesting Family Game: Matching game is perfect for parents and children to play together, it is a great way to share and help to improve kids' vocabulary understanding. The parent-child relationship also will be improved through the research and discussion of the problem-solving process.
  • Suitable for Kids Aged 3-6: Our preschool toys are suitable for children aged 3-6. Allowing them to experience the fun of learning in games at home, in kindergarten, preschool, and indoors.
  • Safety Certification: Use high-quality ABS plastic, At the same time, We have passed CPC safety certification that can be played with confidence.
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